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Top 5 Reasons We Chose Bernedoodles

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

We are over the moon with our decision to choose bernedoodles as our furry friends!

Here are the top 5 reasons we chose bernedoodles!

#1) Family Friendly

With five children, choosing a dog that is friendly, gentle, loyal, and loving was at the top of our list. These beautiful, fluffy teddy bears love to cuddle and stay close to their humans. They understand that they need to be extra gentle with the younger children.

#2) Lower to Non-Shedding

Can you believe this exists? We have had many different breeds of dogs and lived with our share of fur and clean up. Less mess and clean up is a no brainer with five kids. This quality also means that I am not affected with allergies as I usually am with other dogs. Although you can't truly use the term "hypoallergenic" for any dog, this breed is wonderful!

#3) Watchdogs

As well as having children, we live on a farm with other animals. We wanted a breed that would bark to let us know when other people or animals came on the property. The great news is that they are really not barkers, except for warnings. Our dogs are never aggressive toward guests. The breed is known as friendly with other family animals as well.

#4) Energy Level

Our dogs love walking in the woods, playing ball, swimming, and wrestling just as much as they love to cuddle and lounge around when they are inside the house.

#5) The Mix

How could you go wrong? Magestically stunning, rugged, strong, working bernese mountain dog meets highly intelligent, non-shedding, "hypoallergenic" poodle. What an amazing, gorgeous, fantastic mix!

The list could go on and on....

Bernedoodles are truly wonderful!

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05 de fev.

I am interested in F1 or F1b mini bernadoodle puppy from you and I would need to know all about your recent puppy availability, health etc.

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